MONEY 💴!!!!! It is a touchy subject. So many people hide behind it, under it and even on top of it. It’s not that money is POWERFUL. It becomes powerful or powerless in the hands of the individual that has it. Money don’t fail us, we fail with it. This was definitely a serious podcast😢. I was very bold and I became more transparent in this one, than I have in any of my previous ones. I have had repossessions, been evicted numerous times, filed bankruptcy, continued to go back to obtain more titles which only became my idol; just to get into more student loan debt🙄. Gods Word is real. It speaks so much about money, yet so many people use the phrase “I’ll pray about it” and never do anything else with it🙄. “Faith without works is dead.” If you have ever dealt with failures, repos, evictions, financial debt or any other “money” problems…then you need to hear this podcast🗣. Wherever you are in your journey of “trying to make it”, I have been there. I have compassion for anyone going through. But when your truly ready to make a change….YOU CAN AND YOU WILL. Stop allowing money to dictate your future and your faith to keep you in BONDAGE🙏🏾. Break yourself from the prison of debt. 


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