Have you looked at your life and wondered why it hasn’t really shifted? Have you wondered why you are still where you were 10 years ago? Have you wondered why you are not prospering the way you thought you would? Well, we have all been in that place multiple times. I recently did something that has still sort of shocked not only my family and friends, but for me as well. I left what I believed was my “purpose” to walk into my “calling.” Well, that wasn’t an easy step to take. But I kept feeling the nudge of the Holy Spirit, but wanted to have everyone on the same page as I was before I moved.  Yeah I know, that sounds awful.  Well, after a while of waiting, the loud nudge started to become a small whisper.  Well, I decided I would rather have those close to me mad, than God (The Creator, The Author and Finisher of my faith, My Father) upset with me for not trusting Him.  Sometimes, God will close a door when He feels we are not strong enough to close it ourselves. Most of us wait for the time to be “just right.” Well, there will never be a perfect time.  Even in the Bible, when God told Abraham to “leave his fathers home, his familiar place, his family, his hometown” and go to a place that He would show him.  Abraham responded with obedience. He didn’t know where the next place was at, he just packed up and left. Even though he took Lot along with him, he was obedient. (I will discuss in another post about not taking our “lots” along with us:-).  Most of the time, God does not part the waters until we move in faith. There is a blessing in the movement. It shows our Heavenly Father that we trust Him, even though we do not see the next step. 

Stepping out of my comfort zone as an RN has not been the easiest thing yet. It still is tough to face, because I do not know what is next nor do I know “when” the money is going to start rolling in. But what I do know is: God is always faithful, even when we are not. He always supplies us with all of our needs. He have given us His Holy Spirit as our Advocate who is always with me. So I wont worry, and even if we do, God tells us “do not worry or be anxious.” He will give you all you need and all you desire. Trust the process even when it does not make sense. Walk and He will show you the next step.  


Rememeber: “you are PURPOSED4GREATNESS