Your 1 decision away from walking into what God called you to.

So many people are in a place of defeat, loneliness, hurt, poverty, bitterness or shame. But as I get up this morning and am sitting here at work as a RN, I realized we are all 1 decision away from getting where we desire to be. Most of the time we stay stuck there, because it is comfortable. Or it is what we are “used to.” Or we don’t know anything else. God had already given each one of us gifts and talents. And it is up to us to utilize them. If you never move or never remove that thing or person that you are holding so tight to, then God can’t take you where He wants. Probably, because you trust what you see vs what He can do through and for you. What is keeping your from your NEXT??. Your voice is the key to unlock that door. Don’t be like the man at the pool of Bethesda (John 5 NKJV.)