Changing your destiny starts with you. Everyday God gives us the free-will of choice. If God has allowed you to wake up this morning, He still has amazing plans for you. But striving to do it in your own strength, you will continue to fail. I am on this huge journey of CHANGE. And recently God gave me the word “MOVE”, yet I didn’t know exactly what it meant for me. But God has recently given me a revelation of what it means to me as well. With all movement requires growth and with growth requires perseverance. It is called a faith walk. Getting out of a “comfort zone” and moving towards Gods “glory zone.” We are to go from “glory to glory.”

What areas of your life can you change today? What was your New Years resolution that you have yet to move into? What relationships do you need to let go of, so God can move you towards the new? What can you do different today that will change your tomorrow? What job is keeping you from being the best you?

It is only a choice away. Stop procrastinating and move into the destiny that God has already provided for you.

“Never allow who you chose to be, sabotage who you were meant to be.”❤️