As I sit up and write this blog, I can’t help but wonder about the things that we allow to stress us. Every day we are given a choice. We make so many decisions throughout the entire day. What to wear. What to eat or where to eat. What to drive; if we even am grateful enough to have that choice. What to say or what not to say. If we want to smile or frown. Choosing to watch tv or listen to the radio. Well, you get it. I can go on and on. So with that being said, you also have the choice of what goes in your ears or what you see today. It is all up to you. 
As a RN, I met so many people who were fed up with where they were, yet they were all afraid of movement. I mean, yes, that sounds crazy to me as well. But sometimes some individuals feel they don’t have choices. It is either this or nothing. So they stick with “this”. And “this” is where majority of their stress comes from. Why would you choose to stay in a place or relationship (not marriage), where you know it is defeating you? God gave you multiple things. And one of those are “free will of choice.”  Soooo…the decision today is yours. Why are you choosing to stay in a stressful situation? Why are you choosing to jeopardize your health? Why are you choosing to give up your joy, peace and happiness? 
Your one decision away from walking into what God called you to.
So many people are in a place of defeat, loneliness, hurt, poverty, bitterness or shame. But as I got up that morning of October 21, 2018 as a RN, I realized that we are all 1 decision away from getting where we desire to be. It was time to remove one of the most stressful situations of my life. Even walking away from 6 figures a year, I desired more for my life. Most of the time we stay stuck there, because it is comfortable. Or it is what we are “used to.” Or we don’t know anything else. God had already given each one of us gifts and talents. And it is up to us to utilize them. If you never move or never remove that thing or person that you are holding so tight to, then God can’t take you where He wants. Probably, because you trust what you see vs what He can do through and for you. What is keeping your from your NEXT??. Your voice is the key to unlock that door. Don’t be like the man at the pool of Bethesda (John 5 NKJV.)
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