Timing is everything

Timing is everything

24 hours………yep, we all get the same amount of time every day. I love it when someone says, “I want to work out, but I don’t ever have enough time,” or “I would love to start my own business, but I never have enough time”, or “I need to go to the doctor for this pain in my side”, BUT UGH…… yep, you guessed it, “I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME.”

It is amazing to me how so many people have time for what the have to do, instead of what they desire to do. Most people get up early to be at a job, that could lay them off in a split second. Get up early, to go in on their off day, for “OVERTIME”. Yet, we never have time for ourselves. Well, I wonder, if we weren’t on social media all day, instead of just a couple of minutes or hours (because social media is amazing), would we have enough time? In Ecclesiastes 9:11, God’s Word says, “I returned and saw under the sun that—The race is not to the swift,Nor the battle to the strong,Nor bread to the wise,Nor riches to men of understanding,Nor favor to men of skill;But time and chance happen to them all.” That means that when you feel this intuition or someone comes to you with a word or you get a “gut feeling”; that could be God sending messages to you.

That could be your chance to change your life and the trajectory of your family generation. By YOU stepping into what is already yours, could open up so many doors. Most people just keep praying about it, when God continues to send messages (small glimpse) to tell you “this is a part of your prayer.” But if you are looking for the answered prayer in a different way, you will miss God all the time. Because, most of the answers that God sends us, comes to us in ways we did not expect.

Yet, on the other side of this; so many people get out of alignment because we go ahead of Gods Timing. We don’t ask for confirmation or seek Him first. We just move without asking God to direct or lead us. And during those times, the only thing we can do is WAIT. Yes, I said it, “wait”. It was like I yelled at you, right? None of us want to wait. Waiting feels like we are wasting time. Well, it is not. It is intentionally waiting on God to show us the next step. It is preparing you to step into what God already has for you. It is trusting that He will still provide all you need. It is growing you even in the tough times. And it is placing a  a faith in you that will forever be unwavering. That is where I am at now. I know I moved in God’s timing. Even if I do not see all the way down the road, God still shows us a small light in front of us that allows for us to take a step. Not a jump…..but a small step. When it is clear, He will shine His light a little more.

This week, trust the process. Trust that there is purpose on the other side of the pain. Trust that God has a better plan than you can see. Trust His guidance. God orders you steps and your stops. Because He knows the ideal time for you to arrive at your destination.

You can’t do it by yourself

You can’t do it by yourself

So many of us are wanting to move from where we are to where we desire to be. We are so tired and fed up with where we are, yet we want to move NOW.  I have been in that place many of times. Even as I am writing this, I have realized that we all need help, no matter where we are in life.  Every great person that you know, has a coach. I use to think I could get there alone.  Even in the Bible, when Jesus sent out the disciples, He sent them out 2 at a time. He knew that we couldn’t do it alone. 

In this journey, I have learned so much. And coming from a place of being homeless and losing everything I had, I was hurt. I did not want help from anyone. I figured, “what could you tell me that would change my life or the trajectory of my life?” Welllll……the answer to that is LIFE. It is so unbelievable that God sends the exact person into our life at the exact time that we need them.  They impart things within us that we need to move. They stir up gifts and talents that have already been placed within you. They speak life through encouragement and inspiring your NOW to get you to your NEXT. Most people are selfish and tend to keep and hoard the gifts that God has given them.  God says in Matthews 25:14-30, “For the kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling to a far country, who called his own servants and delivered his goods to them. And to one he gave five talents, to another two, and to another one, to each according to his own ability; and immediately he went on a journey.” God called us and gave us each gifts, talents, skills and abilities. What are you doing with the gifts that God has placed in you? I remember asking my daughter a while back, and I am not sure where I heard or seen this; but I asked her “where is the richest place in the world?”  And after naming so many beautiful places, she was shocked to realize that, that place was the grave. So many people died with the gifts and talents God gave them. Even before they became a doctor, nurse, lawyer, teacher, mechanic, cook, or anything else that we chose as a career.  He had a plan before we were created. Even though we are all one body, there are parts of the body that will not work if we don’t have use of another part of the body.  1 Corinthians 12:12-27

God places wisdom that you have, that I will need; and vise versa.  If I can say one thing about being in the wilderness place of my walk with God; I learned the most pivotal lessons I could have ever learned when I depended completely on God alone. I even say to God everyday, “Father, please do not allow me to rush or get to where You are taking me, without perfecting in me all that I need.  I do not want to get to that place and not be able to steward it because I was impatient and didn’t retain the pressures of life. Once we tend to get the so-called “good gifts”, we forget where God brought us from.  I am growing in my walk, yet I know my gifts. I am walking in my calling because God allowed someone to cross my  path to speak the LIFE He had already planned for me in the beginning. 





Have you looked at your life and wondered why it hasn’t really shifted? Have you wondered why you are still where you were 10 years ago? Have you wondered why you are not prospering the way you thought you would? Well, we have all been in that place multiple times. I recently did something that has still sort of shocked not only my family and friends, but for me as well. I left what I believed was my “purpose” to walk into my “calling.” Well, that wasn’t an easy step to take. But I kept feeling the nudge of the Holy Spirit, but wanted to have everyone on the same page as I was before I moved.  Yeah I know, that sounds awful.  Well, after a while of waiting, the loud nudge started to become a small whisper.  Well, I decided I would rather have those close to me mad, than God (The Creator, The Author and Finisher of my faith, My Father) upset with me for not trusting Him.  Sometimes, God will close a door when He feels we are not strong enough to close it ourselves. Most of us wait for the time to be “just right.” Well, there will never be a perfect time.  Even in the Bible, when God told Abraham to “leave his fathers home, his familiar place, his family, his hometown” and go to a place that He would show him.  Abraham responded with obedience. He didn’t know where the next place was at, he just packed up and left. Even though he took Lot along with him, he was obedient. (I will discuss in another post about not taking our “lots” along with us:-).  Most of the time, God does not part the waters until we move in faith. There is a blessing in the movement. It shows our Heavenly Father that we trust Him, even though we do not see the next step. 

Stepping out of my comfort zone as an RN has not been the easiest thing yet. It still is tough to face, because I do not know what is next nor do I know “when” the money is going to start rolling in. But what I do know is: God is always faithful, even when we are not. He always supplies us with all of our needs. He have given us His Holy Spirit as our Advocate who is always with me. So I wont worry, and even if we do, God tells us “do not worry or be anxious.” He will give you all you need and all you desire. Trust the process even when it does not make sense. Walk and He will show you the next step.  


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