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As a RN for 17 years, I have worked in many area’s with my most recent in the Neurology Intensive Care Unit. After witnessing the amount of people who had a difficult time with high blood pressure, it sparked something bothersome in me. Most of the patients I had were not only physically ill, they were more spiritually ill. Most of the time, it is the things that we deal with on a daily basis and the things we carry in our heart, that can stop us from living the life we desire to live. 

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“The love of money is the root to all evil.” After failing in money more times than we ever wanted, it finally boiled down to one simple question:  are you really tired of being the servant? Money is one of the biggest causes of divorce.  Obtaining not only the wisdom from the Bible, but putting into actions the principles that you learn, is what will get you there. If your credit is not where you need it be, set up a free clarity call so I can help you get it in order. If you are ready to get out of that place of familiarity (broke mindset), lets chat.

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I’ve been redeemed

I have a question for you…..are you really living the life you desired? If not, what exactly is keeping you from getting there? As a Registered Nurse, I was grateful to care for patients with multiple types of illnesses. With my last specialty being in Neuro Intensive Care Unit. Having to care for patients who suffered illness that possibly was initiated from stress, had me literally shaking my head. Many are stressed from daily life issues like; family, money, children, marriage, relationships, status, titles and with majority probably being from  our careers.  There are ways that you can deal with life issues. It starts with first healing your mind, body and soul. Set up a free clarity call, so we can discuss solutions to get you to the life you truly desire. 


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Access Granted

DOORS! DOORS! DOORS! DOORS! Ok, I HAVE A SECRET....EVERYTHING, YES EVERYTHING THAT YOU DESIRE IN THIS LIFE HAS ALREADY BEEN GRANTED TO YOU 🗣🗣🗣. Yes, IT HAS YOUR NAME ON IT. Most of us miss opportunities because they come disguised as opposition🤔. Your opposition is...

Do not keep using FAITH as your FAILURES

MONEY 💴!!!!! It is a touchy subject. So many people hide behind it, under it and even on top of it. It’s not that money is POWERFUL. It becomes powerful or powerless in the hands of the individual that has it. Money don’t fail us, we fail with it. This was definitely...

As I sit up and write this blog, I can't help but wonder about the things that we allow to stress us. Every day we are given a choice. We make so many decisions throughout the entire day. What to wear. What to eat or where to eat. What to drive; if we even am grateful...

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